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Spend some quiet time enjoying the serenity and beauty of Lake Michigan, Door County and our islands. Kayaking enthusiasts will find miles of pristine coastline and limitless open water. Grab a paddle and join the fun!

Our handy Kayaking Guide contains a list of approximate distances for popular kayaking routes, a listing of launching and landing sites and a helpful aerial map of the island.

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Safety Tips

  • Seas may be short and choppy and the water cold. Fog is common. Always wear your PFD.
  • Paddle with caution due to frequent ferry traffic and commercial shipping traffic.
  • Rather than pushing your abilities, transport your kayak to the island on the ferry deck for a charge. There is no charge for car-top kayaks driven onto the ferry.
  • If you paddle to Washington Island but would like your car ferried, please contact the ferry line ticket agent or captain for arrangements.
  • Please respect the rights of shoreline property owners.

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Washington Island offers paddling opportunities for kayakers of all skill levels.

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The island shoreline provides breathtaking views for kayakers.

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Experience the island’s natural habitats from a canoe.

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Kayakers off the shore near Plum Island’s Rear Range Light.

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Open water offers advanced kayakers an added challenge.